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New York!

Yes, I am back in New York! Not sure how long I will be here. But unlike last time, I am having a good time. I love the city. It is said that people get addicted to this city and I never quite understood what that meant, but I think I get the drift now. If I had to choose one word to describe the city, I would choose “Alive”. This city is alive! I love the crowds, the subway, the crazy tourists, the traffic, the shoppers, the hole-in-the-wall restaurants! There’s so much to do and explore in the city, it’s almost impossible to get bored. That said, I do get bored once in a while. More for lack of company to enjoy the liveliness of this place than the place itself. It has been my dream to live in Manhattan for a few months and enjoy the city life, the real New York life. Maybe this time, maybe some other time. Who knows? For now, I’m in the Empire State of Mind!

From top of the Empire State Building



It’s raining!

Today is one of those absolutely gorgeous Monsoon days. It’s been raining all day. I can hear the raindrops pitter-patter. Trees are swaying left and right. A few birds have perched themselves on top of a tree right outside my room, and seem to be enjoying the much-needed relief from the heat. While others have sought shelter inside a half-constructed top floor of a building. 

Leaves are gleaming and look clean and new. It almost seems like God decided to wash the city clean of all the dust. Occasionally, I  can even hear the wind make a swooshing noise.

As a school going kid, monsoons would bring some of my favorite days. Either the school would declare a rainy day, which means I could just stay at home and play all day, or I could go to school, wading through the flooded streets. both of which I  loved!. I would make paper boats and watch them sail in the dirty, muddy water on the street. I spent hours and hours gazing at rain drops falling into puddles of water and creating ripples. I loved jumping on these puddles and splashing water all around. My mom and sister would go to all lengths to stop me from stepping my foot into these dirty waters for fear that I would either get some dreadful skin allergy or that I would fall sick. As soon as I would enter the house, my mom would throw a towel on my head and start rubbing it violently, until my hair had been rid of the last drop of water. She would then give me some tea and pakoras to feast on.

On one such day, I remember that my sister came in a taxi to pick me up from school, even though the school was only a ten-minute walk from our house. Not only did she make me get into the cab, she also forced my friends (who were also our neighbors) to get into the cab with her. She had been instructed to do so by their mother. My friends were so annoyed. On the way back, they kept cursing my sister and myself in hushed tones and saying things like “She’s your sister. Why does she care how we go back home?!” Though I was disappointed at having missed a golden opportunity to wade through the murky waters, my sadistic self was only too delighted that my friends didn’t get to enjoy it too. After all, if I am not allowed, then why should they be, right?

Oh how beautifully simple life was back then. If only we could keep our wants and pleasures as simple as a child’s. Anyways, I will go feast on tea and pakoras now, and dreamily watch the rain drops glisten on my window. 

P.S. What do you like to snack on when it rains?

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